Friday, March 21, 2014

10 Long Weeks

10 Long Weeks

Yes, 10 weeks since I fell on the ice.
Still not perfect but am able to do alot of things again, 
like type.
I am making plans to get back to my organizing.
Looks like a busy summer, 
4 custom quilts to be done, among other things. 
 If you would like to see those come together, hop on over to my
quilting and embroidery blog,  HERE

Decorating is not just on the inside,  of course.
Last summer we did some work on the outside.
Kirk is be very creative, thinking of things I would not
because I could not personally pull it off.
He has been wanting a car/truck port for awhile so he did this.
Then he decided to turn a box that you would see a semi pulling into
here is what things looked like before.
What a change, we love it, wonder what will be next.

my two other blogs.

Spring is here, have begun some gardening chores, am loving the drier weather.

God's blessings to you and yours.

Until later.......<3 br="">