Thursday, October 2, 2014

New porch & Lanterns

Red Galvanized  Lanterns

New Porch

  New porch is up.  This is outside my quilt studio
Just love it, such a perfect place to take a break
when working on the longarm.
 Siding is so warm.  My plan is to put sage green shudders
on the window, paint the door eggplant.
 View toward the steps and from the door.
our lanterns came today.  One will go at the door 
the other two out on the posts.  
I do think this will be the best place for taking a break 
when working on the longarm.
Great addition to my studio.

Update:   I forgot to comment on my wrist.  It is much better and am able to do
nearly everything as before, somethings never heal the same as we
reach our older years.   I am thankful that it is 95% back to normal.