Sunday, January 30, 2011

Creative Organization Party - 5 Contain It

 Welcome to 

Creative Organization Party #5
Lets Contain It

Lets look at different ways to contain our things
Last week I showed you some of my containers
for holding my small crafting items.
See here

Check out these Apothecary Jar ideas from

If you have not checked out you should
there are tons of great ideas there.

So just what qualifies as a container?

Here are a few of my ideas, 
Show me your container ideas, too.

 Jars to hold pasta, dried beans
More jars with rice, teas, etc.
Small pyrex containers hold tea, as does the pink tupperware. 
What about baskets?
This little wooden basket/bucket holds a 
nail brush and hair brush with a
crochet wash cloth, from my friend Peggy.  (bucket painted by me)
and my Pink for Pink Saturday @ How Sweet the Sound.
 This basket that holds nail polish, and make up 
used to hold a glass casserole dish to transport it. 
 This Herb basket/crate holds my soaps and 
bath fizzies, aren't the tiger striped flipflops cute, given 
to me from my daughter Samantha @ Three Men and a Lady
 Glass items, this container used to have a candle in it.
 Metal wall buckets
I love these to contain plant arrangements.
 More baskets
I love this oblong basket, it works perfect in
my kitchen to hold my onions.  
Love the green color and the aged look.
 This basket, holds lots for things, from potatoes, to garlic 
to tomatoes and it is again green

 Ok, I have a challenge for you.  Show me your containers
and how you have perhaps re-purposed  items
in your organization.

Thank you for stopping by
I hope you will come back and check out my 
post on the decorating of my stairwell.
(yet to be written, due up on Wed).
I am doing a faux leather treatment to the walls.

Well, it looks like the only way to use Mr. Linky is to pay for 
the service now.  I am sad, I was just getting started with this
and as of yet I can see no benefit to paying for the Mr. Linky service.

So does anyone know of another free link service?
Let me know of your creative ideas and posts in my comments 
and I will come visit.

Happy Pink Saturday
Happy Creative Organization

God's blessings

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Creative Organization Party - 4

Welcome to the 
Creative Organization Party

This week I thought it would be fun to share some
of my organizational ideas for all the small items
I use in my art work.

First up is the ribbon cabinet that my DH made for me.
I love how it hold the ribbon, instead of the box they were in,
where I could not see or enjoy them.
They become part of the decoration in the studio.
I do plan to put a sheer curtain over them to help keep the dust off.
(the reason for the curtain rod at the top)
Here you can see how we designed this, there is a small dip in the back
of the slot to help hold the dowel rod in, and I had some porcelain knobs left over
from when I changed out my kitchen knobs and they fit perfectly
I love these small drawer sets, they are so handy
In this one I keep loose laces, it is fun to dig through here 
in search of just the right piece for a crazy quilt project.
Some more pretties.
Another great place to find storage items is in the fishing department.
These are so great, and even have a handle so you can carry
the container if you want to.
One of the other cool things about these is you can add or remove
the little dividers to customize the container.
The buttons look like candy don't they, eye candy.
See how this one has long spaces and the one about has little squares
This is another one from the fishing department
it is smaller then the one above.
Humm, seems one of my containers is MIA.......
wonder where it wondered off to.
Love these things
and how I can keep all these pretties organized

This is the same as the last two, just with more dividers.
Remember you can click on the picture to make it bigger
so you can get a closer look at the goodies (at least I like to do that).
Now these little guys are fun too and work really well to organize a project
in progress, and they travel beautifully.
My daughter, Samantha @ Three Men and A Lady
gave these to me many years ago, who knew
they would end up in the sewing room

See the lid, it secures things perfectly.

One more, this one came from Harbor Freight, another one
from the fishing/sports/tool department.
Look at the little boxes, they are so great, and I can take
one or more and add to my project box.  I also
like working with these instead of tubes, they are easy
to get the contents out of.  
This particular box, can have these small square ones or 
larger boxes about the size of two small ones
I love to use these as project boxes also.
I probably have 20 of these boxes, filled with beads,
jewelry parts, they are very handy for small things.

I hope this has given you some ideas for organization.
I hope you will also share with us your 
Creative Organizational Ideas
just link up below and please link back here
so your guests can come and be inspired.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Pink Saturday - Drippy candles & Soda

It is Pink Saturday!  WAHOO

We went to Oklahoma for Christmas.
While there we went to
Route 66  "Pops"  
this place has tons of different kinds of soda, it was so much fun to 
pick out sodas we have never tried.
I just had to have one of their little crates. 
Aren't they cool?
Strawberry Crush......Pink
Check out the lids.  Have any of you had any of these brands?  Well I know everyone know
crush but what about the others?

Ok now for some drips
I have always loved those candle wax covered bottles you see in
Italian restaurants.  While at Hobby Lobby, I found
some of the colorful candles and had to have some
Then a friend gave me these beautiful bottles
to which I added candles and burned them all the way down
Here you see the second set of candles.
We are having company and I wanted to get these
going, the bottles came from the couple we are having over.
More dripping.
Love the way it looks and the pink is my favorite part
So what do you think?  It will be fun to continue to put pretty color candles
into these bottles and get them nice and thick.
I hope you have enjoyed this drippy post.

For more Pink visit Beverly @ How Sweet the Sound

Have a blessed weekend and a Happy Pink Saturday!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Creative Organization Party -3

 Welcome to "Creative Organization Party"

 Last week I shared a tip for 
organizing in my bathroom, repurposing a bookcase.

This week I will show you some more ideas
in my tiny 6 foot by 8 foot bathroom.

When we were deciding on the sink vanity
I did not want the usual.  I really wanted a piece of furniture like my 
mother-in-law has, but I could not find anything to fit my small space.
While at the store one day DH saw this rolling cart (for the kitchen),
could we use it?  Yes, we could.
The cart was not wide enough so 
I  had him add a shelf on the side with a 
hole in it to hold my blow dryer.
It also became a great spot for my hair supplies.
Now you have to realize I have no drawers to put this stuff into.
What is that that looks like a drawer you say
well that should be one except the sink takes up that space.
 Now this is not a fancy set up, but it works well for my tiny spot and reflects the 
personality of our home.
In the picture below you can see how the blow dryer fits.
There is storage below the sink (and you do not want to see that area.  Wink)
With the cabinet being narrow, there was room under for 
the oh so lovey trash can.
Towels hang off to the left with a small room heater under them.
To the left of the sink and behind the toilet, next to the shower (left)
is a cabinet the Kirk made many years ago.  It lived in our 
front room at out old house.
It to moved into this small space to help with organization.
 Behind the doors are 2 very full shelves,
 two more open shelves and 2 very full drawers below that.
 A basket on the counter of the sink holds brushes, and assorted hair items
the container that holds my styling brush and other items
was used for holding makeup brushes in its old life.

Thank you for stopping by
I hope you have found some inspiration on ways to organize.

I invite you to like up to this post below with your own
Creative Organization.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Pink Saturday - Lets help out.

 This week for Pink Saturday

I thought this would be a good thing to pass along.

Over @  Among the Gum Trees  

An appeal has been issued to help crafters in  Australia who have lost everything in the horrible floods that are going on  over there.

I thought you all might be interested in helping and maybe did not know about this chance.   I did not know until today when it was passed on to me by a friend.

So read about it below and see how you might help.

For all links and to contact Jenny go to

Among The Gum Trees


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

We need your help!!!

A large part of our country is under water...the devastating floods have destroyed town upon town, and there is no end in sight for the next month or more. The water is still flooding towns as it makes its way down the country, and more rain is till bucketing down. This is indeed "Queensland's darkest hour" as our state Premier has described it.
The inland tsunami that hit Toowoomba yesterday has left the nation reeling, but no more than the people of Toowoomba with the deaths of children and still over 70 people missing. 
The list of towns affected is long. The area of flooding is larger than Texas.

The Gum Tree Designers are asking for your help.

There will be many hundreds of crafters who have lost what is their joy, their hobby. 
In our own small way we want to help, and we need you to come along side with us.

We want to collect, and then distribute, a 'New Beginnings' sewing kit for those who need to start over with their craft. We will be posting the kits in bulk to the various quilting groups in each town.

This is what we'd like in each kit:

1. A handmade sewing caddy, complete with needlebook and pincushion.
2. A pack of embroidery scissors with a scissor keep.
3. Six individual skeins of stranded embroidery threads.
4. Embroidery needles.
5. 1 fat quarter of fabric.
If you can help, please email Jenny at -
 jennyofelefantz AT yahoo DOT com DOT au 
purpleflowerpatch AT gmail DOT com
for the address in Australia to post these kits to. 

PLEASE post by the first week of February.

Fee is going to make some drawstring bags to put the kits in, but if you can put your kit inside one you have made that will be even better. 
Please share this appeal on your blogs and link back to this post! 
Some free online patterns for sewing caddies can be found at  -
Helen's blog HERE HERE
Maureen's blog HERE
Marcus Brothers HERE...

If you know of more free caddy patterns online, please leave a comment with the link and we'll add it to the list.

Jenny is also auctioning two of her original handmade Shabby Roses quilts to raise funds for the Flood Appeal. You can see the details HERE on her blog.

Joy is auctioning a kit for one of her beautiful patterns HERE.

Fee is auctioning a pretty fat quarter bundle of Sugar Pop HERE.

Our recently retired Gum Tree Designer, Vikki, is also auctioning a set of 'Springtime' patterns HERE.

We will keep you posted on other ways we intend helping as the weeks progress. The effects of the flooding as it continues to rage on will be felt for a long time to come, as it is not looking like ending for many weeks, perhaps months. 
Your help is appreciated more than you know.

We are also asking for donations to raise the funds for the postage costs to all the quilt groups, so if you can help out with that we are most appreciative! We have put a DONATE button on our sidebar for easy Paypal payments. 
Any money remaining after postage will be given to the Queensland Government Flood Appeal. 
 'll set up a button in our sidebar later this week to contribute. 

the Gum Tree Designers

Monday, January 10, 2011

Creative Organization Party -2

Welcome to the 
Creative Organization Party

It is my hope that we will share creative ways to organize our homes,
yards, studios, garages.

When I think of organizing I often think about what
I can get at the store to help me, instead of looking around my home
for items to re-purpose.

When we moved to this house, the bookcase below, 
which held books (of course) in our old house, fit perfectly
into my tiny bathroom here, to hold towels and such.
To the bookcase I put other items to help me keep
things in order, baskets, in differing shapes and sizes, hold
make up, soaps and other items.
Glass containers that used to hold candles hold
cotton balls, Q-tips.
And one store bought set of drawers holds
items for nails, scissors, and hair things.

Above the book case,
this shelf was in the dining room in my last homes.
 With the addition of a peg rack
it comes together to hold my 'in use' towel
right next to the shower, and some decorations.
The peg rack was by the front door in our old house 
because we did not (and still don't) have a coat closet.
I hope as you see this use of a book case
it will spark some creative ideas using items you already have
as you seek to organize your home.
I hope also that you will share those creative ideas with us
by joining this link party.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Pink Saturday - Prizes and Embroidery

Happy Pink Saturday
visit our hostess Beverly @ How Sweet the Sound for 
more lovely pink posts.

How are you today,
thank you for coming over for a visit.
  Just before Christmas I entered two 
give-a-ways, and won these wonderful gifts

This darling bracelet.
Thank you to 
and Maria got it to me before Christmas. 

Thank you Maria for the great gift.
When I saw this beautiful vintage bowl over at
Vonlipi's Favorites I just had to enter.

I won, how cool is that
also in the gift box
a jar of homemade jelly, a vintage can opener
a green tea pot, Heloises kitchen tips and cute Christmas napkins.
Thank you Vonlipi for the wonderful gifts
While visiting my friend Lyn we played with her new embroidery machine
here is what we added to my hot pink hooded sweatshirt.
It was so much fun watching this machine do its work
it even threads the needle, cuts the thread, and flips the thread out of the way.  LOL.
Here you can see the back of my sweatshirt 
and the hummie on the front right.
I hope you all are doing well, this first week of 2011

I want to invite you to join me in a party
I was thinking since we all seem to get the organizational bug this 
time of year, that I would host
a Creative Organizational Link Party.
  I will be posting on Monday,
I hope you will come and share what your doing
to get things in order this new year.

God Bless everyone.