Sunday, January 30, 2011

Creative Organization Party - 5 Contain It

 Welcome to 

Creative Organization Party #5
Lets Contain It

Lets look at different ways to contain our things
Last week I showed you some of my containers
for holding my small crafting items.
See here

Check out these Apothecary Jar ideas from

If you have not checked out you should
there are tons of great ideas there.

So just what qualifies as a container?

Here are a few of my ideas, 
Show me your container ideas, too.

 Jars to hold pasta, dried beans
More jars with rice, teas, etc.
Small pyrex containers hold tea, as does the pink tupperware. 
What about baskets?
This little wooden basket/bucket holds a 
nail brush and hair brush with a
crochet wash cloth, from my friend Peggy.  (bucket painted by me)
and my Pink for Pink Saturday @ How Sweet the Sound.
 This basket that holds nail polish, and make up 
used to hold a glass casserole dish to transport it. 
 This Herb basket/crate holds my soaps and 
bath fizzies, aren't the tiger striped flipflops cute, given 
to me from my daughter Samantha @ Three Men and a Lady
 Glass items, this container used to have a candle in it.
 Metal wall buckets
I love these to contain plant arrangements.
 More baskets
I love this oblong basket, it works perfect in
my kitchen to hold my onions.  
Love the green color and the aged look.
 This basket, holds lots for things, from potatoes, to garlic 
to tomatoes and it is again green

 Ok, I have a challenge for you.  Show me your containers
and how you have perhaps re-purposed  items
in your organization.

Thank you for stopping by
I hope you will come back and check out my 
post on the decorating of my stairwell.
(yet to be written, due up on Wed).
I am doing a faux leather treatment to the walls.

Well, it looks like the only way to use Mr. Linky is to pay for 
the service now.  I am sad, I was just getting started with this
and as of yet I can see no benefit to paying for the Mr. Linky service.

So does anyone know of another free link service?
Let me know of your creative ideas and posts in my comments 
and I will come visit.

Happy Pink Saturday
Happy Creative Organization

God's blessings


Anonymous said...

Happy Pink Saturday. Lovely basket.

Stop by to enter my giveaway!


Kathy said...

Great container pics. And fortuitious timing for me as well---I am currently trying to get my chaotic crafts room organized!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I have to go looking while I think about containers. I know one,but surely there are more! Where's your linky doodad?

stefanie said...

I love Houzz, but to MANY great ideas!