Sunday, January 23, 2011

Creative Organization Party - 4

Welcome to the 
Creative Organization Party

This week I thought it would be fun to share some
of my organizational ideas for all the small items
I use in my art work.

First up is the ribbon cabinet that my DH made for me.
I love how it hold the ribbon, instead of the box they were in,
where I could not see or enjoy them.
They become part of the decoration in the studio.
I do plan to put a sheer curtain over them to help keep the dust off.
(the reason for the curtain rod at the top)
Here you can see how we designed this, there is a small dip in the back
of the slot to help hold the dowel rod in, and I had some porcelain knobs left over
from when I changed out my kitchen knobs and they fit perfectly
I love these small drawer sets, they are so handy
In this one I keep loose laces, it is fun to dig through here 
in search of just the right piece for a crazy quilt project.
Some more pretties.
Another great place to find storage items is in the fishing department.
These are so great, and even have a handle so you can carry
the container if you want to.
One of the other cool things about these is you can add or remove
the little dividers to customize the container.
The buttons look like candy don't they, eye candy.
See how this one has long spaces and the one about has little squares
This is another one from the fishing department
it is smaller then the one above.
Humm, seems one of my containers is MIA.......
wonder where it wondered off to.
Love these things
and how I can keep all these pretties organized

This is the same as the last two, just with more dividers.
Remember you can click on the picture to make it bigger
so you can get a closer look at the goodies (at least I like to do that).
Now these little guys are fun too and work really well to organize a project
in progress, and they travel beautifully.
My daughter, Samantha @ Three Men and A Lady
gave these to me many years ago, who knew
they would end up in the sewing room

See the lid, it secures things perfectly.

One more, this one came from Harbor Freight, another one
from the fishing/sports/tool department.
Look at the little boxes, they are so great, and I can take
one or more and add to my project box.  I also
like working with these instead of tubes, they are easy
to get the contents out of.  
This particular box, can have these small square ones or 
larger boxes about the size of two small ones
I love to use these as project boxes also.
I probably have 20 of these boxes, filled with beads,
jewelry parts, they are very handy for small things.

I hope this has given you some ideas for organization.
I hope you will also share with us your 
Creative Organizational Ideas
just link up below and please link back here
so your guests can come and be inspired.


Donnie said...

You did a great job organizing all that little stuff. The ribbon dispenser your hubby made is great.

The only and only Lady: said...

OOOOOO...I see teal button's in one of those storage bins!! I need some of those to do the pillow I want to do!! (hint, hint...hehe)! I am so thankful you taught me how to be organized!!! Love you!!!

Anonymous said...

You seem to have expanded a bit since I last saw these! The ribbons are beautiful!

Kathleen Ellis said...

GREAT ideas for organzing all those "little pretties"...which are some of the hardest things to keep track of! Clever ribbon organizer, too! Looks like you've got a great creative work space!
Have a beautiful day~
;-D Kathleen

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I have a few of the plastic cases with all the small compartments that i have put all my paper craft brads and buttons and beads in. They are very handy! I don't remember where I bought them but I'm going to look in the fishing department for more...thanks for the suggestion!