Monday, January 10, 2011

Creative Organization Party -2

Welcome to the 
Creative Organization Party

It is my hope that we will share creative ways to organize our homes,
yards, studios, garages.

When I think of organizing I often think about what
I can get at the store to help me, instead of looking around my home
for items to re-purpose.

When we moved to this house, the bookcase below, 
which held books (of course) in our old house, fit perfectly
into my tiny bathroom here, to hold towels and such.
To the bookcase I put other items to help me keep
things in order, baskets, in differing shapes and sizes, hold
make up, soaps and other items.
Glass containers that used to hold candles hold
cotton balls, Q-tips.
And one store bought set of drawers holds
items for nails, scissors, and hair things.

Above the book case,
this shelf was in the dining room in my last homes.
 With the addition of a peg rack
it comes together to hold my 'in use' towel
right next to the shower, and some decorations.
The peg rack was by the front door in our old house 
because we did not (and still don't) have a coat closet.
I hope as you see this use of a book case
it will spark some creative ideas using items you already have
as you seek to organize your home.
I hope also that you will share those creative ideas with us
by joining this link party.


Nancy said...

Great storage idea! I love the bookcase. Thanks for inviting me over and for hosting,


Anonymous said...

I always love seeing your photos, because I've BEEN there! It's fun to see things that are new in a place I know, and it's fun to see things that are the same. I hope you are going to show some of your quilt studio, too.

Donnie said...

That looks really great and a good use for it. That shelf looks really attractive there. Have a great day.

Tiffanee said...

Love it!! It is useful and stylish!
Now you got me thinking of what I can do to get myself and home more organized. Thanks.

Dena E's Blog said...

Hey Sweetie,,,I just saw your note to my blog and what a blessings it was to read.. You did my heart soooo much good and I thank you...
Your creations are GORGEOUS,,,wow, I'd LOVE to save up for one of your designer quilts someday...
Soooo FANTASTIC,...Its like they were made in Heaven by God's own angels...WOW!!!
I'm truly thankful to have been blessed~touched by your heartwarming visit...Your blogs and designs are soooo from God,
He has soooo blessed you with a special gift..
LoveandHugsandBlessings from God above~~~Dena

Bella said...

Great idea. I love the idea of the creative storage organization party, too.