Sunday, April 26, 2009

Atop the kitchen cabinets

We have high ceiling in the kitchen and I could not see any reason to waste the space, so I had Kirk add some extra cabinets with glass doors on top of the regular cabinets. Still have a nice space on top for decorations.

This is the setting for Christmas. I was lucky to find garland with lights at our local ACE for $5.00 each (and of course I should have bought more, duh). This picture is dark so please click on it for a better look.

Some close ups. You will see one of my birdhouses (Kirk made them, I painted them). On the right is a pedestal dish my mom gave me, I put some acrylic grapes over the edge. Red cranberry like berries and white lights along the garland.

Note the dishes below.
I will share those with
you soon. They are a

On the other side of the cabinets, a red star, acrylic rain deer, more of the cranberry berries, gold garland. This was taken before I added, red and white stripe, plaid and polka dot bows.

This is the other birdhouse and a ceramic birdhouse that my friend Cathy gave me a few years ago.

Yes, you are seeing a
tin wall. That is the same
material we have on the
outside of the house.
We built the shop
first and then added the
house on the side, so
that wall is the outside
wall to the shop, now the
inside wall for the kitchen,
bathroom and livingroom.

Why spend the money to build another wall. The tin fit perfectly into our cabin plan.
More to come.

Thank you for stopping by.
Until later.


yukonmusher said...

Love the top cupboards. I actually like the tin in there to, I would have covered it, but it works well.

Anonymous said...

And what's up there now? Looking forward to seeing for myself, though we're delayed. I'll e-you.