Friday, August 6, 2010

Pink Saturday - Pink Serving plate

Happy Pink Saturday
This week I wanted to share with you this dish I found several years ago.
I don't know what the pattern you?
All I know is I just loved it and so it came home with me.  LOL.
On Wednesday this week I posted some ramblings and I want
to thank each person who sent me encouragement.  
It really is good to know I am not alone,
though I already knew that, but it always helps
to talk to someone else about these things.

I will be sharing a quilt I am working on in upcoming posts
it is pink and aqua/turquoise.  It is going to be 
very pretty, though I can tell you the pattern is
testing my abilities, and right now it is
winning, I plan to turn that around.

I hope you have had a blessed week and that the one ahead
will bring you encouragement and many blessings.

Please stop over at Beverly's @ How Sweet the Sound
she is our wonderful hostess for Pink Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Happy Pink Saturday...Love that plate...but have no idea of the pattern.

I read your RAMBLINGS post this week...funny it must be in the air...I sent an email to my friend Jodie @ everything vintage about the same thing...she gave me some great encouragement AND a tip: blogging is supposed to be for YOUR happiness and don't let it seem like a JOB ~ it will all flow nicely then...

Have a great week my friend :D


Tete said...

Gail- your pink tiered dish is wonderful. I do not know the pattern, sorry.
I had to go on down and read your Ramblings post.
I have been at this for many years and the one thing I know about selling to the public- you just need to be you and do your own thing. Some will get it!
Not all- but that's ok. Create YOUR following and then enjoy what you do.
As for the writing part- anything from the heart is never wrong. Talk to us like you would if we were there with you- the rest will come.
The best bloggers write from the heart.
Rustic chic sounds so wonderful- so go ahead and open that door, but don't forget to shut the one behind you. You sure don't want to get your toes smashed!
Blessing to you and enjoy your weekend!
Hugs- Tete

Sherry from Alabama said...

What a lovely dish! I've never seen another one like it before.

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

Marydon said...

This pattern can be found in the book @ any book store under antique price guides ... the book is called Elegant Depression Glassware. I've sold it but for the life of me I can't recall the name.

Beautiful ...

Have a lovely PINK weekend.
TTFN ~ Marydon

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

Now that pink tiered serving piece is to die for!!



Susan (My Place to Yours) said...

Gail, I've never seen a dish quite like yours ... but I'll be keeping my eyes open from now on. I'm intrigued! So glad you found my blog today -- and that you're pulling out the "Christmas" pinecone candles. I hope you'll take me up on my challenge: burn one and link a pic back to my post next week! --Susan

Rebecca said...

Happy PS-just stopping by cause it's my first. From an earlier post-do what makes you happy even if you don't make money and it will happen. My best friend, Tete(from the comment above) is great and always encouraging me-don't give up!!!!

Bella said...

Hi Gail, Your pink tiered dish is beautiful.. I am always looking for tiered dishes and have no luck!
I read your last post, and I think everyone struggles with the same things. somedays writing is like pulling teeth for me and other times I can't stop typing, relax and let whatever the mood of the day is flow, that makes in genuine:-)
I like rustic chic, go fot it!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely plate - my Mom had a similar one. Happy PS!