Friday, September 17, 2010

Pink Saturday - Necklace

Happy Pink Saturday

I wanted to feature one of our Pink Saturday posters.
I visited Nancy's blog  Gracie Jewellery a couple of weeks ago.
I was doing my PS rounds,  I try to visit at least 15 to 20 blogs each PS and I had not been to 
Gracie Jewellery in a month or so.
Nancy's jewelry is so pretty, I have been admiring the pieces.  
When I saw that Nancy's hubby was layed off
 I decided that maybe I could help a little by  getting one of her gorgeous necklaces.

What a treat, this Rhodocrosite necklace is.... so beautiful
I am sorry that this picture does not do it justice.  
It is such a soft pink, with a  beautiful silver chain.
I wanted to tell you about her beautiful jewelry, go check them out.
I saw many I just love, and am thinking I may need another one.

So please go and visit Nancy, see her wonderful work.
Maybe you too, can have a beautiful gift for yourself or someone on you gift list
and help this family.
After all isn't that what friends do, help and support each other.

Blessings to Nancy and family.
Don't forget to visit the other Pink Saturday bloggers
thank you to Beverly for hosting this even every Saturday.
We love Pink


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Gail Sweetie...
How beautiful this necklace is, and yes you are SO right, that is what we are supposed to do, look after each other and help out when we can.

I will have to pop by and take a look at her jewelry too. I mean we can never have to many necklaces can we? Thanks for sharing.

Many hugs and so much love, Sherry

Lisa said...

Happy Pink Saturday and what a lovely act you did for a blogging friend. Wishing you a fabulous weekend.

Candi said...

What a lovely necklace Gail! I'm going to go check out her site:) Thanks for sharing it and have an awesome day girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

How sweet of you to help another blogger out in such a nice way! The necklace is gorgeous!!

Happy Pink Saturday!!

bee blessed

LV said...

You are a very kind and thoughtful person. That necklace is very pretty. You did someone else a favor and a treat for yourself.

Leann said...

So very precious and lovely. I'm off to pay her a visit. Thanks for becoming a follower!