Saturday, April 30, 2011


Good Morning, 
How are you today?  Come on in out of the cold wind.
I have a bit of pink to show you today
some decorating.

Spring has been promising to make
her appearance but old man winter keeps
reminding us he is not done yet.

We have had some beautiful days this spring and so
enjoyed them, planting seed in the garden, making plans for 
fresh veggies, a new lawn, waiting for the trees and shrubs to 
burst forth and what do we wake up to yesterday and today?


Yep that pretty white stuff, that we have
had enough for awhile.

So I am sharing a pink lily today, 
in hopes of encouraging spring to take the lead.
This pretty lily is from last springs garden.
The lilies are making an appearance in the beds but not enough to flower yet.

We have been busy working inside the house,
on the days it is not so nice outside.

One of our projects is a wee bit of decorating in the kitchen.

The before.........
Nothing wrong with that right?   
And the green shows up nice behind the dish rack.
 We had been talking about doing tin panels on the back splash for awhile.
Then when we were at the house of a friends brother
I saw these panels!  (only theirs were bronze)
they were so pretty, but when I touched them there were plastic!
So we found out you can get them at Depot or Lowe's and
had to get some.  Now they are not all that inexpensive ($20.00 per panel)
but I do love the look.
I chose the silver, this is a Tin Shack after all.
Kirk began cutting and fitting the pieces, and adhering them with silicon.
If you decide to do this a Dremil
All in One tool makes the fitting go smoothly
they say to cut it with a box knife, but that is hard work.
You will also need some to the trim pieces to match.

The after.................
I love it!   It brightens up the kitchen alot.
We also got new switch plate covers in the metal like you'd use in the shop.
Note the wall to the right......
the tin of my Tin Shack and the panels match it just right.

Thanks so much for stopping by today.

I hope you enjoyed your visit,
I am linking up to Pink Saturday so
please stop over at How Sweet the Sound
and see what sweet pinks you can find to inspire you.

Have a Blessed weekend.   


Candi said...

Gail it looks fantastic! It's going to be gorgeous when everything is done.

Lara said...

Hi,looks fantastic. Just thought I'd stop by to say Happy Pink Saturday and to let you know that I've become your newest follower. Please feel free to visit my blog

Anonymous said...

Looks fabulous! You two did a great job, and it's very appealing. Some summer, I'll have to come for another visit to see all the changes.

Char said...

Not only do I think your pink lily is beautiful, but the work you and hubby did on the kitchen is gorgeous. How many cuts do you both have?? HA.
I love the look and think it will only get better with the test of time.
Happy Pink Saturday, Char

Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques said...

Wow, quite a difference!I think I heard about someone else using these kinds of tiles and that is where they said they found them too. Great decorating tip!

JaninaCakes said...

Great backsplash! Happy Pink Saturday!

Leann said...

Ahhh - I LOVE THIS!!! I want to do it in White!!!

Looks fab - great job. Thanks so much for popping by The Old Parsonage, come back anytime!


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