Wednesday, January 14, 2009

About decorating

Just what is rustic decorating? Lodge, cabin, or country for that matter. I did several searches looking for other blogs, hoping someone else was documenting their home, all I found were businesses selling items for this style of decor.

So just what is Rustic, Lodge, cabin, country.........RLC for short.

RLC, is about nature. Just as a beach decor incorporates the colors, plants and creatures found at the beach, and in southwestern you will find all kinds of things that showcase that area, in RLC you will find things from the mountains and the open plains, farms and ranches.

Lets think about things and colors you will find in the mountains.

Lions, tigers and bears (oh my), deer, elk, moose, duck, geese, birds of all kinds, fish, coyotes, eagles, buzzards, and the list goes on. Then there are trees of all kinds, pines, birch, all depending on what part of the country/planet you live in dictates what kind of trees are in your mountains and countryside.

Colors, what colors do you find in the mountains.....brown in the form of trees and dirt, green trees and grasses, the blue of the sky, then there are blacks, creams, tans, pinks and greens of rocks (and more), and what about wild flowers, that is a long list.

What about on the plains, or a farm or ranch. What critters are there? What natural colors do you find? If we look to nature for our color combination we can't go wrong, God is the Master artist, nothing he puts together is ugly, not if you really, really look at it.

Now you may ask why I include country with rustic, it is because they seem to blend into each other at their borders at least, just think of the Pondarosa (from the TV show Bonanza). What a beautiful example of rustic country.

Here is a question for you......What color to go with wood? According to nature?
Green? Trees are green, but wait, some trees change colors in fall, perhaps you can find good accents for your wood tones in fall leaf colors.

Maybe you don't like greens all that much, what about the colors surrounding a creek, or red clay bluffs, or........I think you get the idea. Look to nature for your color scheme.

So there you've got it, my style a combination of rustic (which includes the lodge and cabin) and country. Rustic Country. You will find even at that, that I believe in "mixin it up". I find sticking strictly to one style is very boring (that's just me), so you will find in my Rustic Country, elements from even other styles such as lace, stained glass, stitchery, many different woods, glass collections, doll collections, even some industrial elements, and more. I don't like things to match, I do like them to play together nicely, no shouting allowed, everyone using their inside voices. I also like the interplay of the mascline of the rustic, with the femine of counrty and a bit of Victorian thrown in there to boot.

So where to start?

Until later, blessings


Anonymous said...

Fortunately, green is my favorite color! =) I always like the old Spanish homes in the southwest with the traditional Mexican furniture. Big, heavy pieces, but somehow they give a lightness to the rooms. Comfortable. Sort of RLC with a southwest bent. =)

Jacob and Sarah said...

I found a few blogs pertaining to decorating a log home/rustic style: and I hope those help! :-)