Monday, January 12, 2009

Welcome to my Tin Shack

Welcome to my new blog. I have been looking for blogs about rustic, lodge, cabin, country decorating. I have not found one as yet, and am hoping others will find me.

This is my Tin Shack. It is sided with metal siding and has a metal roof all in silver. When the telephone guy came up to install our phone, we were in Ca. bring another load of our stuff up. Our friend was watching things and our contact person and the guy said to Terry...."They want a phone in this tin shack".

Our little house as seen here is 800 sq feet, we are in the process of adding 900 sq feet, more.
You can see all the building process and more on my Wyoming blog here.

I would like to explore rustic decorating, with lodge, country, cabin, including laces, stained glass and more.

I hope you will join me.


Candi said...

Gail, this will be fun to follow along and be able to see all the pic's of your house in one place:) Thanks!


OH how fun to decorate!!! I think a flannel rag quilt would look nice already! nudge me when you post here, I would like to follow along, too!

Franie said...

This is so cool and could be here in AK! I love it. Let me know when you post more. I love your pioneer style.

Anonymous said...

Third try. This should work! Now you have to put up a pic of the new, improved and bigger version. It certainly doesn't look like a tin shack on the outside! What a dweeb the phone guy was!

Juli said...

What a wonderful cabin ! and actually about the same size as our house :)