Thursday, February 16, 2012

Picture Frame Make Over

Picture Frame Make Over

After last Christmas (2010) I began work on
fixing up my stairwell, which had been
only drywall for several years
You see I have to be "in the mood" 
to do things and yes it took me that long.  LOL.
So I got it papered, 
and this year I decided it was finally time to get to work
on the pictures.  So in January 2012 I got going
but I did not like the picture frames
that the pictures were in soooo
Out came the paint
and the glaze

to change them up a bit.  To sage green with a mocha glaze. 
Much better. 
Here it is mid February and I am still messing around with getting 
this done.....I know I am slow....or is it I am moody.....
can't get in the mood!

Here are a few more things that will be going in there.
Opps, I already have these up.....tee hee

I have to figure out how I am going to hang those frames
that I just redid, some are sitters not hangers so 
I am thinking on doing the brown ribbon like in the little square frames
above. of these days.........I will get this finished.
Figuring out how to place the elements can be a bit 
overwhelming, hopefully I will get over my
fears and move on to the finish.

My next project includes these
any guesses as to what they are or
what I am going to do with them?
Thank you for coming over for a visit.
Have a blessed day.


Susan said...

I love the new look of the frames. I'd never have thought of just taking paint to them. There are dozens all but free at the local thrift store, and it never occurred to me to PAINT them! When you finish that stairwell wall, it will be as fabulous as all the things you do, and I look forward to seeing it. I wouldn't have thought of the brown ribbon hangings, either. You are an idea person!

I don't know about that last photo. Lunch box lids? Tiny mailboxes? Really, I'm clueless, and I will be so interested in seeing what they become!

Gail said...

Thank you Susan, your such a good friend. The brown ribbon idea came with the small square photo frames that are already hanging, so I think I will just continue with it. I will have to attach it somehow, clue, nails...something. I need to get on this and get er done.