Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pantry Organization Part 3

Pantry Organization Part 3

Now to the canned food shelves.  
I have been looking for a way to take care of the canned 
good, other then stacking.
Found these at Pantry Maid
They are perfect, now all oldest cans are at the front
bottom, no having to rearrange all the cans to put newest in the back.
I bought 4, they are about $20.00 each (including shipping) and
are made in America.
You will note in the above picture that some products, bought 
by the case come in a nice dispenser box, so
I am using those as well.  It will be time
before I can get anymore or perhaps 
talk DH into making me some, not that he has anything else to do.

Look how nice that is
Ok, Blogger is not letting me finish this the way I want.
Thank you for stopping by and seeing my pantry venture.
I had some more to show you but it is getting to frustrating.
May have to consider moving my blogs if they can't get this taken care of.
God Bless you all


Candi said...

Wow Gail you're so well organized! Don't look at my pantry, you'll have a heart attack. lol You're busy busy as usual.
lots of hugz:)

Susan said...

That looks great! I went to that site and I really like that kind a lot. I've experimented with a couple different kinds, so I'll try this one next. =)

There are online directions for making them from cardboard, and I'll bet Mr. K. could make some from wood scraps from that same pattern. If you haven't found them in your searching, I have them linked on

I know cardboard ones are linked on there, and a friend got those. They are sturdy.