Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Reorginzation Part 1


Finally I was able to upload some pictures
of my reorganization project.

Some before pictures

Yes, I am sorry to say it was quite a mess, 
a dumping ground.
Now mind you this is only 1of the cabinets that I
had to deal with.  
First was to get all like items together, then
to find them a new home.
 You will notice a new shelf in the top of this cabinet
this is where the OTC meds now live.  
I will have to show you where they used to live in another post
if, blogger will let me post pictures.
Also note that there are 2 new shelves.
Now all of my soaping supplies are together.
the candles are on one shelf 
jars (canning and otherwise) are on the
bottom two lower left.  

I keep going in and looking at the new
arrangement, it is so much nicer.  
I have 3 more before and after cabinets to share,
as well as some other spots
I am not completely done, I am waiting for my 
Pantry Maid items to arrive then I can redo my canned food area.
Stay tuned.

God's blessing to you and yours. 

1 comment:

Susan said...

It's so handy to have around a guy with a woodshop. Sigh. I love your newly organized shelves! Looks great. I priced canning jars today, and even pints are almost $1 each now! Wow, I hadn't priced them in a while! I think I have to catch them at the $1 store next summer.