Sunday, January 22, 2012

Reorginzation Part 2

Turning Blue?

I hope you have not been holding your breath
until my next post.

Some more of the make over/reorganization of
the pantry.
This cabinet has held my wrapping paper, mailing boxes
and just a host of things.
  Still can see my year books, in the corner.
I had this full of fabric, craft books and other sewing things,
now that they are all moved upstairs, it became a stash it out of site place.
 I started putting extra kitchen stuff in here but
it is not neat. 

wrapping supplies

Now with the addition of  3 shelves
what a difference.  Still the same items, from
the before pic, just better use of space. 
The candle sticks, lamp, and a few other
items are out of here now, they came to live here during Christmas.
Still room to spare, too.
I would like pull out drawers, but that is to expensive for now
so instead I am using a strawberry flat to hold so table linens.
Someday, I hope to have a wrapping center, but for now it is still in here.
Except the bows are now in here also, instead of on top of another cabinet in the room.

This next cabinet is my herb cabinet


Phase 1
much better.....with the addition
of two new shelves things are better
But still alot of my herbs are in plastic bags
great for shipping, but not so much for storage.
(down on the third shelf, I know they are hard to see).
So instead of tossing all those extra jars I had
I put the herbs in the jars, labeled, so much better.
Bottom shelf, veggie seeds and more herbs.  LOL.

Up next..........can this be any better?
I ordered something for here, what could it be?

Just to let you know what is coming up
Finishing up the stairwell I started in January 2011
see that post here.

Thank you for visiting.  May God bless you and your family richly


rebecca @ older and wisor said...

What a difference just a few extra shelves make - LOVE IT!!

Susan said...

Looks great, Gail! Wow, you're going to be able to find anything! I love that herb cabinet. I need a bigger kitchen, sadly. That's the one problem with this house.

I have been saving jelly jars this winter for my herbs next year. I only raise 3, but the sages went crazy last year and I had every tiny jar stuffed with them. Just cut it again the other day from where it's been growing inside.