Friday, June 7, 2013


Is it Spring yet?

 We have had quite the spring, snow in March and April.
Flash flooding in May.............
So not much time to spend outside.
On one still rather cold day,, we decided that we needed
an outdoor kitchen.  
So doing things up redneck style 
reusing things we already have.
We moved the smoker and BQ behind the wood pile, wall #1
then we went up and got some stumps and made two more walls
We added a bar top and some decorations.
There you have it.
AND....I love how it looks, it fits us to a "T"
The point of this exercise was to give Kirk a 
sheltered place to use the smoker, where the wind would
not suck all the heat away
 (and the winds seems to always come up when he fires up the smoker).
We considered all kinds of different options
but none seemed to fit our needs or budget.
So one afternoon we came up with this idea, and 
within an hour it was done.
Fast and no extra costs, my kind of project.
it does just what we need it to do.  I think we will keep it!

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Anonymous said...

Gail, it's adorable! I love what you did, and the best part is it's pragmatic.