Sunday, January 19, 2014

Organizing On Hold

I was able to get some work in the kitchen 
bottom cabinets.  It is amazing how much dust 
gets into cabinets even behind closed doors.

After removing and cleaning and purging
it feels good to have clean cabinets.

Next day the drawers are done.

I began by cleaning out the cabinets and drawers
remember the hinges, they get dusty, too.

vacuumed and wiped out the shelves & drawers

 washed those things needed
got rid of a few things
and reloaded things into their homes.

here is a before...mess..out of control
took an old coffee can and am using
it to hold brushes and such.

I did get started on the bedroom


life has happened
I had an encounter with a patch of ice
a week and a half ago,
sprained my wrist,
so organizing is on hold for a bit.

I hope others are making progress.

Until later
God bless

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Betsy Collyer said...

Kudos on organizing your items, Gail! It's really unfortunate that you experienced that dreaded sprain. It's a good thing that you took a rest for a while, instead of pushing through with your organizing project. How is it now?

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